Posture™ Flexi Corrector

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Flexi holding strap - The original!

Flexi holding straps are our bestseller that reminds you to stretch your back. The posture band guides your body to good posture when needed. The posture band is especially nice to wear at the end of the working day, as the posture may need an extra boost.

Posture Flexi is developed with Posture Alignment Technology *. To counteract unnecessary strain on the lumbar spine, the holding band is static but has an elastic reminder function. For optimal fit, easily adjust the strap with Velcro when wearing it. Padded fabric also makes it extra comfortable. Wear it discreetly under your jacket or sweater on the way to work, at your desk or on your bike.

• Improves posture
• Posture Alignment Technology
• Activates your muscles when needed
• Adjustable Velcro strap for optimal fit
• Use a maximum of 3 hours at a time

Change your posture pattern:
Wear Flexi regularly, 1-3 hours at a time.

* Posture Alignment Technology
Reminder posture function based on biofeedback and the combination of elasticity and firmness. Developed by Swedish Posture for optimal posture correction by having a muscle-strengthening and relieving effect instead of supportive. The body is guided to a natural posture.


Sizes: S/M M/L L/XL XXL
Weight (kg): 50-65 65-75 75-90 90-110
Height (cm): 150-175 155- 185 170-195 180-195
Weight (kg): 55-70 70-80 80-95 95-110
Height (cm): 155-175 165- 185 170-195 180-205


Flexi helps you with posture correction to get used to a good posture pattern. Poor posture should not go away for too long, break your pattern and behavior by being reminded of the posture harness. "
Gabriella Follin, Physiotherapist and Ergonomics


Flexi holding straps - Developed with specialists

Design patented holding strap that everyone should have at the desk. Flexi posture harness makes it more comfortable to stretch the back than to bend. With Posture Alignment Technology, the posture band helps to increase awareness of the position of the shoulders and back and helps to improve and strengthen your posture.

  • Improves your posture directly visually. Bad posture becomes just a memory
  • Proven effect after 6 weeks of regular use
  • Provides muscle memory and behavior change
  • The strap is elastic and comfortable
  • You feel better and radiate confidence
  • If you have tension headaches and tense shoulders, it can be treated with a naturally relaxed and neutral posture

attitude in the office


Details the holding strap

Elastic reminder function • Adjustable Velcro strap for optimal fit • Padded shoulder strap for comfort • Soft backrest

flexi holding straps

Does not a posture harness risk weakening the muscles instead of improving the posture? What is the difference between Flexi and other posture harnesses available on the market?

Many posture harnesses on the market are created to adjust a healing collarbone fracture. The Flexi posture band, on the other hand, is developed and developed in Sweden only to improve posture. Most posture harnesses on the market are completely dumb and make you pull, tie and hold behind the shoulders which may give an ok feeling for the moment but in the long run the muscles weaken as they do not work themselves but hang in the dumb harness and the whole center of gravity ends up and loads lumbar spine, which causes pain over time and risks causing major discomfort. In comparison, Posture Flexi is partly dumb and partly elastic, completely unique! The function is determined by keeping your body upright with your own muscle power and the posture harness and the elasticity is reminded when you bend your back and your shoulders move forward or your stomach bulges out. When the posture harness tightens, it evokes a discomfort that causes the behavioral change of choosing the right extended position instead. In this way, you teach the body to choose a good posture instead of a bad posture.

posture bandage

Instructions holding strap

  • Use a maximum of 3 hours at a time.
  • Put yourself on like a backpack.
  • Adjust the Velcro strap - Flexi should be comfortable when you have a good posture, but tighten when you bend your back.
  • Do not tighten too hard, you should be able to easily place 2 fingers under the shoulder straps.
  • Take off by putting your hand under the band on the same side, and "flick off".


put on flexi shoulder straps

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